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Portfolio/Web Design

Flash (advertisements: banners, buttons, etc.)

Some examples of my work: Albothyl, anty-konc, CoaguCheck, Lakcid, MBE buttom, MBE banner, Validol, Venozel.

You can find more of my old works in flash at PFM.pl.
I made adds for: MBE, Super DEO, Cukerki Głogowe, Cukierki Szałwiowe, Haskosept, HOPI, Intimel, BIGER.


aot.linki.webpark.pl: guide-post, an old website where i gathered many links to Tactical Ops gaming community.

www.tacticalstrike.one.pl: my design for a website for yeat another dead full game modification project.

sqn.kgb.pl: my clan homepage, you can choose one of four layouts and there is one hidden layouut.

b.lopienscy.webpark.pl: Website of The Workshop Of Bronze Art Articles Former Lopienski Brothers. One of my old designs, simple clean and easy to navigate, perfect for this kind of shop.


stalker.strefa.pl: a small polish portal about S.T.A.L.K.E.R. computer game.

RPG Spot a design of a big cRPG portal, but before it was put in use some changes had to be made.