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Portfolio/Textures & UV Maps


Jone2 Jone2 (111 KB), screenshot (78,7 KB), UV map. (Unreal Tournament 2003) Based on Jone a little bit sci-fi special forces skin.

BeastmanBeastman. (Unreal Tournament 2003) "Anuban Male" character model , made on a basic skin but only about 2% remains from the originall. Full plate armor and some spikes on the boots, some simple fabric here and there and dreadlocks.

JoneJone. (Unreal Tournament 2003) Created in about two hours to check out what uPaint can do and slightly corrected in photoshop. made from scrach (started from grey background), light mail armor, light metal armor here and there. Original UT head texture (to minimise filesize).

gta vc0zio-gtaVC, w akcji, Download. (Grand Theft Auto VC) Plaing GTA CV gets alot more interesting when the main character looks just like you.

gta 30zio-gta3, w akcji, Download. (Grand Theft Auto 3) Just like above but when i was plaing GTA3 it was winter and was wearing this warm silver-grey coat.

Some of my very very old works below.

oz-0, oz-1, oz-2, Pheonix, (Quake 1): two Quake 1 sci-fi skins, gladiator, edited clan skin from when i used to go to highschool.

maDmaN, LoC (122 KB). (Unreal Tournament 1). so old... everyone had to start someware.


Some textures (UV maps) for models for the Afterfall postapocaliptic game.
House, old metal barrel, one of the UV maps, bulletin boards: preview 1, preview 2.

Seamless textures for mapping

elecrtic rustyTextures of old rusted gas and electricity boxes made for Afterfall postapocaliptic world. Cut and perspective changed to flat. Added: rust, dirt, water stain, polish, german and english signs. Removed spray/marker drawings. rust1, rust2, rust3, rust4.

elecrtic rustySeamless textures for envitoment ground: sand, ground, asphalt, mud, concrete,